Social Media Marketing in India

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We all know how hard it is to rank the website on 1st page of Google, especially in this competition. According to us every website can rank on top page of Google Search Engine if it carefully implements and follows Google Stats.

Here are few essentials which will help in achieving top-page Google rank –

best-seo-services-in-india Google cares:
Google cares about relevancy and reputation when choosing which sites to rank in their listings. You want your site to be a very reputable place with a lot of relevant quality content about your topic.

ranking-by-seo-in-india Online reputation:
it's what people say about you in social media and how people link to you from their websites. It's about the number of links and the importance of sites that link to you.

top-seo-company-in-india Be natural:
To be relevant you need to think about what your target group would type into Google to find the topic you write about. Create content in regular English, in language that people in your target group speak.

top-seo-companies-in-india Link quality not quantity:
It is not all about the number of links pointing to you though, it is about the quality and importance of places that point to you. The higher the quality of a site that links to you the more importance that link gets.